This Privacy Policy is applicable on the use of the website, the use of BuzzMaster, every transaction and agreement. BuzzMaster is a trade name for BuzzMaster B.V.. BuzzMaster respect the privacy of all her website users, the BuzzMaster tool users and her clients.

BuzzMaster during events
With BuzzMaster, “the tool” here-after, you can join events in an interactive way.
During logging in, we ask you to provide us with some personal details, like your name and the location of the company you’re employed. But they are mostly questions about your opinion on certain subjects. Everything you type into the tool, can be shown on the big screen. Sometimes the matching function is turned on, a function where you can chat with other participants. Based on data we receive from you, we can match you to other participants. Some data you fill in, could be passed to other participants in the room, to promote mutual communication. This can include your name, profession or your answers on open questions.

Most of the time you can connect via the local BuzzMaster WiFi network. Your phone keeps working as usual, also when the internet gets passed on, like usually happens with a regular open WiFi spot, we do not look at your other internet traffic. When you are using an encrypted connection (like most apps do) we can’t watch at your passwords or your internet traffic content.

Usage goal
BuzzMaster verwerkt de gegevens van gebruikers slechts met het doel om gebruik van de tool te faciliteren, je gebruik te kunnen laten maken van de tool en om je te kunnen voorzien van andere aanbiedingen van diensten van BuzzMaster of de organisator van het evenement.

Third-party Control
BuzzMaster saves your name and contact details for the duration of the event and for future events. Afterwards, BuzzMaster passed your information on to the organiser of the event. They can analyze this information, or based on the data they can contact you. To answer a question for example. Your smartphone browser saves your details, these details are only accessible on your own device.

Online secure environment
BuzzMaster has taken fitting technical and organisational security measures to prevent loss, destruction, usage, modification or distribution of your details to unauthorized sources. Online, your details will be protected behind a secure connection. There is a small chance that someone in the near vicinity will receive the traffic between you en the WiFi hotspot, but because you have to be physically present it’s a very small chance. Also, all information you fill in could already be displayed on the big screen.

As far as this website contains links to external website, BuzzMaster is not responsible for any content or usage of these sites. This privacy policy is not applicable on the collection and usage of your personal detail on or through external sites.

BuzzMaster treats your personal details with care and caution in relation to the ‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’. Do you have any questions, or do you want insight in your details? Send a message to and we’ll get back to you asap.