What do you want to do as an event organiser? Generate engagement. Ensure that the guests are involved with your event. That they’re thinking about it, talking about it, really exploring it. The question is: how do you make sure that you are top-of-mind for the audience?


Our vision
Our vision is simple: people are engaged with your event for ‘only’ 24 hours. From the night before the event until the night after. And then…? Next. New day, new stimuli.
We believe that relevant content creates maximum engagement – through an easy channel and at the right time. That’s why we started 24hours. A combination of content creation, a WhatsApp messaging platform, and a very clear deadline.

What do we do?
We create and send out relevant content for your congress visitors. We do that through WhatsApp, an app that is used daily by almost everyone. But how exactly does this work?

The night before the event
All of your visitors will receive a quick reminder via WhatsApp: “Will you be there tomorrow?” This immediately gives us the opportunity to send an interesting article, video, or podcast about the theme of the event.

A few hours before the event
We send out a link with the location of the parking area on Google Maps. This saves your guests some time. We also send them a nice picture of the event location. All of this tells the guests: we can’t wait, see you there!

During the event
The visitors can ask questions to the speakers, and we highlight the most interesting comments live on stage. Aside from this, we provide personalised information about the programme & sharing sessions. Visitors can also approach us with more specific questions.

After the event
In the hours after the event, we stay in touch with your visitor. Do they wish to receive the slides used by the speakers? We’ll send it out. Share some nice pictures? No problem. The video impression of the day has also been made already; want to check it out? Coming right up. And of course we also ask your visitors for their feedback. What did they think of it?


Interaction Experts
Everything revolves around delivering all communication within 24 hours. No pictures, after-movies and evaluation emails 3 days later. We strike while the iron is hot. With 24hours, we take care of the right communication at the right moment. 24hours is a product by BuzzMaster. For over 5 years, we have been active as interaction experts in the event industry. We know which questions are interesting and what kind of content people would like to see.

Unique messaging platform
24hours has created a cutting-edge messaging platform, where you can communicate 1-on-1 with your visitors. Its structure is entirely conversational, so the chats feel like a real conversation. As we ask for relevant data from the visitors within these 24 hours, they can send us back very specific information. This creates more engagement, more interaction, and lasting memories.

Want to know more?
Get in touch with us.
Tenada Meijer : Tenada@BuzzMaster.nl

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