What is BuzzMaster?

BuzzMaster is an innovative audience interaction system for large conferences, meetings, debates lectures or anywhere you want to bring your audience into the conversation.

Whether you're organising Buzz events, audience interaction events, conferences, debates, lectures, or a workshop. Buzzmaster's audience responses system (web browser login) will provide you with realtime audience feedback, inspiring debate and a way to collect and share experiences in your event. Within seconds, everyone is linked up to BuzzMaster's dedicated wifi spot. And then the fun begins.

Now the audience can respond through their smartphones or tablets to the speaker's points in real-time, post their opinions, ask questions and get involved directly with the subject matter. BuzzMaster creates an amazing buzz and energy in the room, liberating the audience from the confines of their chairs.

What makes BuzzMaster- the audience engager unique?
* Works real-time
* Works on all smartphones
* No app download
* Onstage producer

This is how BuzzMaster works

A special BuzzMaster hotspot with its own WiFi

Smartphone becomes remote control

BuzzMaster as a sidekick

Your audience actually participates in the session

We set up a special BuzzMaster hotspot to facilitate realtime audience participation at your event. All you need to get it working is a power outlet. We take care of the wireless connection.

Your audience connects to a large screen via their smartphones. This allows them to share experiences during the conference through voting, leaving comments, asking questions and much more, all of which generates audience interaction and a real Buzz in the conference.

The BuzzMaster sits on or directly next to the stage, and uses an audience responses tool to filter information from the audience and to collect opinions from the event. The most interesting, fun or relevant comments are shared with the speaker on the stage and the rest of the audience. In advance we help you formulate the best questions and create content for your conference.

With BuzzMaster, everyone in the room has an active role and shares experiences during the conference. The interaction fuels inspiring debate and gives the audience a voice whilst providing and provides you with valuable insights into your audience.


"What makes BuzzMaster unique is that you can see what the audience is thinking in real time on the screen"

Maarten Vriesendorp

"Besides interaction, you also create content with which expand your range even after the event"

Stef Driessen

"The debate with BuzzMaster came out of the evaluation as the highlight of our event"

Jules LeJeune

Our BuzzMasters

They're the sidekicks or moderators to the chairman or keynote speakers: our BuzzMasters. These moderators are clearly present during your event. Super-alert editors with a strong sense of content, filtering the audience responses which are instantly displayed. The best, the most relevant and funniest audience insights from the conference are shared directly with the person on the stage.

Michel J Loeve




Marike Schols




Hester van Dijk





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